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Travel Portfolio

Just put some photos from a couple trips in to a little portfolio on my website. Cool new feature!


ps. all photos on my website are for sale as prints!!

A few extras from Sweden

I went on a trip to Sweden last winter with the Brother’s Factory guys from Quebec. Snowboard Canada just printed the article in their Passport Issue, and as usual they didn’t include some of my favorite photos from the trip. It’s going to happen, it always does, but everyone has different taste in photos, and magazines usually have other criteria to meet when choosing photos, rather than just choosing their favorites. I’m getting used to it haha! Anyways, here are a few of my favorites from that trip, thanks for looking!

Max B at a church in downtown Stockholm
Viking ship in the harbour!
Max Baillageron

Finally! Some Chile photos!

Hello! I am finally working on getting some long awaited photos on here from my trip to Chile, I will just put my favorite shots on here, and some of the other ones will just go on facebook.

Old fishing boats in Puerto Natales, Patagonia, Chile
A sea of 12 metre cactuses in the middle of the largest salt flat in the world, Uyuni, Bolivia
Alpaca waiting for the train in Julaca, Bolivia
Jeep racing through the desert in Laguna Blanca, Bolivia
Shepherd with her Llamas, Bolivia
Flamingos feeding on the red algae with an extinct volcano in the distance, Bolivia
Llamas, Bolivia

I will be posting more photos when I have time to go through them all!!!