Argentina Glacier Fall

I have been going through all of my photos today trying to get ready to submit to the magazines, and noticed a cool sequence of a huge glacier chunk falling in to the water in Argentina from December. We were standing there hoping to see some chunks fall, when all of a sudden a ‘small’ piece fell off, it was the lower part of a huge pillar, and I knew that pretty soon the rest of the pillar would fall. I got my camera ready and stood there waiting for about 10 minutes, when all of a sudden the rest of the huge pillar came crashing down. I included a photo of a tour boat that went near the glacier a little later. The chunk of ice that fell was at least the size of the boat, and there is probably a hundred people on that boat. We were very lucky to see this, and I was even luckier to get a sequence of it!! Crazy times!

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