Red Mountain spring slush riding

We woke up this morning to blue skies and it was looking good! There hasn’t been much new snow at Red Mountain recently, but the terrain is lots of fun and the spring slush conditions, (and a few beers on the patio) helped for sure. At first we were thinking that we wouldn’t be able to find anything to shoot, but our friend Leah came out and showed us to some spots and we actually came out with some decent ones! Another beer and some nachos with for apres with the marketing guy and we were off to Nelson. Tomorrow we will ride Whitewater, hoping the snow will still be decent, then off somewhere else. Good times!

Computing in the fanciest accomodations I've ever had for free!Strong Kootenay coffee, actually gave me the shakes this morning!
Friendly race between Dave, Leah and Dean. Leah won...
Dave getting rad
Zinc. Patio. Beer.