Cat Skiing is fun

After day 2 at Monashee Powder Cats, we had to make a lengthy drive to Rossland to ride Red Mountain tomorrow. We were supposed to get plenty of sun today, but instead we got plenty of fog and a couple really quick windows of half sun. Until we left of course, when it turned full bluebird! On our way out we saw all of the alpine that Monashee has to offer, we couldn’t ride any of it because of the avalanche danger, butit looks amazing… Im going back there for sure. I would suggest that if you go there that you request Fridjon as your guide, I would say that but today was his last day, we were honored to be his last guests! Apparently it’s a big nono to spray the guide with snow, but I did it anyways, it was his last day! He is going back to Iceland for some crazy adventures, watch him here.

The fleet at Monashee!
The best guide ever; Fridjon!
Dean Seguin, editor of SBC Resort Guide, where this trip will be a feature article next year, ripping some steep pow!
Wish you were here!
The three of us had our own cat the whole time, spoiled while the other cat had 12 people crammed in!
Dave Short droppin pillows in the burnt forest.

2 thoughts on “Cat Skiing is fun

  1. Hey Dalby,
    Thanx for spraying me!!! I needed someone to step up and finally do it!
    I had a great time with you guys and it was a pleasure to have easy, chilled days as my last ones at MPS with your crew.
    Let me know if/when you get to Iceland/Greenland, I will show you around any time


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