Monashee Powder Cats

Dave Short showed up at my house in Pemberton at 7am today and we left for Vernon to pick up Dean and continue on to Cherryville, where the locals are called ‘Cherryvillans’, no joke! We stopped for a minute at Franks Store and saw some really cool stuff on the message board. When we made it up to the lodge it started dumping snow then we ate pork tenderloin with Bailey’s gravy! Dave, Dean and I have our own snowcat tomorrow, no big deal…

Driving past Seton Lake, it is always the craziest colour blue. Dave Short photo.
Dave shot this great photo of the deer out the window, its only great because I set up my camera and handed it to him...
Ducks for sale!!!
Eatin ice cream bars in from of Franks
I would buy this bus.
Loadin up the cat
Another awesome bus!!

Ok, I’m on a roll with the blogs right now, I’ll see if I can’t keep it going!!



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