MT Studio

With the winter sports pretty much over for me, I move on to other things to try to keep the skills sharp over the summer, or to sharpen them, or whatever.

My friend Mike Tyler shattered his pelvis in to a million pieces and is confined to wheelchair and crutches for 3 months before he can put any weight on it.

Mike has lots of art work to do still so he set up his shop so that he could work out of his wheelchair! He is working on a life size mold of an eagle which will be cast in bronze and displayed in Squamish I think. So he set the eagle up on an old barbers chair, so he can raise/lower/swivel it any where he wants. Its pretty funny actually, as soon as I saw it I knew i should really get a shot of it!

Mike has some amazing stone scultures on his website, you should buy them!



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