Winter is officially over, for me.

So the Grenade Games / WSSF ended on Sunday, and before I even had time to take a breather, I started back to work my summer job. The transition from the winter photo glamour and the summer labour sweat hammer is tough some years, but its good having two completely different jobs to remind me how good the winter job is. (Sometimes I get sick of the winter job).
Anyways, I am really happy with the photos from last week, and here are some of my favorites, not including the ones from the poker table that i already posted a few days ago.

‘Peanut’ air to fakie in the mini ramp in the village during the skate jam.

We took the Grenade guys on a surprise bungee jump, most of the them were a little scared, but Kevin Casillo was terrified. They almost had to push him off the edge, it really was hilarious!
Lucas Magoon is a bit of a character, I saw him trying this no-parking-sign-tail-tap from the hotel room and had to race down to get the shot. He crashed a few times but got it in the end.
MFM showed up in the middle of a crazy snow squall!
And he got to work right away in the Adara/Bills VIP section.
Craig Beaulieu was riding good and came out with $10001 dollars!Danny Kass was also riding really well. My flash didnt catch him on this one but i like it anyways. Artsy hahaJohn H, in front of the thousands of ravers at ‘The End’ party.
I never get to be in the pictures!

Can’t wait til next year!


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