The Festival is back

So the festival is back in town. There are tons of people in town and the events are in full swing. So are the parties…
This weekend is centered around the ski events, and starting tuesday will be the Grenade Games. Definitely going to be a good time!
The first big event was the skier big air, the jump was big, and skiers land everything.Halfway through there was a bit of an intermission with fire twirlers.The events crew had to keep sideslipping the landing because it was so slushy.It got dark really quick…Pretty much half of the festival seems to be centered around art. The State of the Art show at the Conference Center took over for the old Brave Art shows.Dano Pendygrasse and Jon Cartwright have a Westbeach heritage display, the photos are hilarious and the videos from the old days are even better!Scott Serfas also has a display with some sweet surfing and snowboarding shots!



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