Late season powder!

By mid april I’m usually ready to get back to my summer job, and this year is no different. Its been a great winter, it just needs to be over! But again and again we keep getting these sunny powder days, when all I want to do is sit at the lake and have a bbq.

Anyways, the past two days were really good, I really shouldn’t be complaining!

This morning I saw Gaetan Chanut with the old school Noah Salasnek, autographed by Tom Sims, and with really old low-back bindings too, pretty sweet!

I had high hopes for this slash, but as soon as Mikey got in there we realized the snow was bulletproof!

I caught Colin Adair on the job shooting Devun Walsh doing a massive cab 3, if you look closely you can see him dropping a huge cliff.

Afterwards class was in session as Devun gave a clinic on backcountry riding.

Then I put on my own clinic and snowboarded myself.

Joe and Sammy.

A plane flew by at some point.

And this is my shadow saying goodbye at the end of another great day in the Whistler Backcountry.

Im sure I’ll have lots to post about during the festival/grenade games, so check back often!



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