‘New’ Photos!

I just got down from snowmobiling today, and it was great! I got some of my favorite shots of the year today, and I was home by 230! Unfortunately I can’t show the photos from today because they might come out in magazine or something at a later date, instead I will show some from a couple years ago that never got used anywhere. It kinda sucks when you think a photo will for sure get used in a magazine or something, but the photo editors have different ideas… These are a few from 2006 that didnt make the cut.This is Brendan Keenan backside rodeo on the classic Brohm Ridge jump.Here is Jon Cartwright backside 180 with Whistler-Blackcomb in the background.Jaakko Seppala frontside 360 natural windlip jump.Dave Short frontside 360 on a nice big cliff in the Whistler Backcountry.And probably my favorite shot of 2006, Jon Cartwright with a massive 60 foot tailgrab.

Thanks for looking!

Oh and Colin Adair wants everyone to vote for him in this contest;



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