Supercross Weekend in Toronto

I am going to start trying to write a blog. Not because i think people might actually care what im up to, but more because i have probably the worst memory out of anybody i know, and this will be a sort of way to help ME remember what I’M up to! And at the same time, if somebody asks, i can just send them here, because talking, also, is not one of my strongpoints…

So, to begin with, i’ll tell you about my weekend. I have been working for Monster Energy for a couple of years now, and this weekend they flew me out to Toronto to shoot the AMA Supercross at the SkyDome. It was my first supercross, and my first time being in the SkyDome since about 1995 when my friends and i got drunk and snuck in, but thats another story.

I probably dont have to tell you that it was awesome, but I will anyway. By the time the main event was over on Saturday night, there was so much exhaust fumes that they had to evacuate the whole place and the Renaissance Hotel (in the skydome) because of toxic carbon monoxide levels!!! Other highlights include a four man backflip train over the jump at intermission, some decent crashes, and the Monster girls. Oh and Bubba won.

So there you go.


By the way, this photo below is NOT a compilation of a sequence on to one photo, this is one photo. 4 guys in the air at the same time doing a backflip!


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