The Eagles are in Brackendale for the winter, and so are the salmon carcasses. It is actually hard to walk by the river without stepping on a dead fish right now!20131228-eagles-squamish-0043 20131228-eagles-squamish-0053 20131228-eagles-squamish-0055 20131228-eagles-squamish-0077 20131228-eagles-squamish-0105

Vancouver Snow Day

Walked around Stanley Park this morning with Roger, I don’t see Vancouver too often in the snow!

20131220-vancouver-0013 20131220-vancouver-0016 20131220-vancouver-0023 20131220-vancouver-0039-Edit 20131220-vancouver-0042 20131220-vancouver-0044

Action, Travel, and Mountain Landscape Photography, but it's mostly Snowboarding in Whistler, BC, Canada


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